1.  Further postcards


2. A selection of letters written to politicians and others

Letters written 2013

do not repeal epbc 2013

Dear Secretary 2

Dear Secretary 1

An Open Letter 2013

to clive palmer 2013

Letters written 2014

to Minister Hunt 2014

to all Coalition members re Maurice Newman

to MP Sukkar 2014

reply MP Sukkar 2014

to cross bench senators eg Lambie 2014

Sukkar and climate

Labor Candidate Forest Hill 2014

Napthine energy efficiency target 2014

Burwood candidate 2014

3. An opinion piece written by The Hon David Harper AO, entitled Delivering judgment on the great global warming debate, published in the Saturday Age on February 8 2014. Find it at

4. Letters to the Editor, particularly The Age newspaper. Many letters have been published.

For example, some letters by Baby Boomers for Climate Change Action members Jill and Georgie can be found at

5. Brochure for saving energy around the home
6. Facebook