Activities 2015

Actions 2015

1. Rally For Renewables outside ALP National Conference was attended by Baby Boomers for Climate Change Action on July 26, 2015.  About 1000 people gathered to tell the Labor Party that we need to move fast on climate change by embracing renewable energy sources now.


2. Whitehorse Spring Festival Stall, October 18. Our stall displayed colourful, handmade (by Judy) wind turbines to distribute to children whose parents signed our postcards. Children also did drawings whilst we conversed with parents. 200 signed postcards were sent to Malcolm Turnbull PM, and 92 to Greg Hunt, Minister for Environment, as well as 3 to either a local member or to divestment sources.




3. Community Conversations were held with several people on October 23 on the train journey to, and at Upfield. This was a positive and fun day, where we made contact with people outside of our local area.


4. Pamphlets for Peoples Climate March were distributed in Federation Square on November 20.

5. Stall at Lighter Footprints Divestment Forum, October 27 where 45 postcards to Mr Turnbull, Mr Hunt, and divestment bodies were signed.

6. Blackburn Market Stall November 14, saw a further 70 postcards signed and sent to Mr Turnbull and Mr Hunt.


7. Peoples Climate March November 27 saw the Baby Boomers joined by 60,000 other Melburnians for the largest march in the world in support of climate change action in Paris.