Activities 2016-2017

1. A Facebook page was established. Posts commenting on climate progress are regularly made by several Baby Boomer members.

2. Letters to The Age by Baby Boomers have been regularly published throughout the year.

3. Climate Emergency Workshop run by VCAN was attended by Baby Boomers.

4. Chasing Ice was screened at the Sandy Point Community Centre on the Anzac day long weekend. Over 50 people attended and signed postcards which were forwarded tot he Minister for Environment.

5. Chasing Ice was screened in June just prior to the Federal election, by Baby Boomers at the Karralyka Centre in Ringwood, Deakin electorate. It was attended by 50 or more people, and postcards were signed and sent to the new Minister for Environment and Energy, Josh Frydenberg.

6. The EU Climate Awareness Group screened Demain, a French film about adapting to climate change. This was attended by Baby Boomer members.

7. March of the Penguins was screened at Sandy Point Community Centre, and was well attended. Postcards were signed and sent as usual.

8. Sustainability Victoria Take2 was launched Baby Boomers for Climate Change Action are founding partners. Our contributions to sustainable climate change action are on the Take2 website.

9. in 2017 we have concentrated on interviewing politicians. Three Baby Boomers visited Michael Sukkar, Liberal MP for Deakin, in March. 100 postcards were handed to him and an interesting conversation ensued. He was not sympathetic to the imperative for urgent emissions reduction.

Four Baby Boomers interviewed a Senior Adviser to the Minister for Energy and Environment, Josh Frydenberg, in May. 100 postcards were handed over. The adviser told us that the Northern Australia Infrastructure Fund (NAIF) was the body that would make an ‘independent’ decision about funding some Adani infrastructure. We said that this arrangement was certainly not truly independent and that it ‘smelled’. Further news articles about NAIF have backed up our view.

10. CCS from the atmosphere is currently not viable. A geologist who has worked on CCS for a long time addressed a meeting and informed us that there are no technologies in the pipeline for appropriately scaled capture of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere.

11. Stop Adani demonstrations are being held regularly outside Frydenberg’s office in Burke Rd Camberwell. Baby Boomers attend each demonstration.

12. Advice for setting up a BBCCA group.

Package for new groups