Our Philosophy

We accept that human activity is rapidly increasing the carbon dioxide level in the earth’s atmosphere.

We are deeply concerned that there is little progress being made in our country on reducing emissions from the burning of fossil fuels, and in preparing our society to adapt to the predicted consequences of climate change.

We believe that Australia is ideally placed to be a leader in the adoption of renewable energy sources, because it is amply supplied with sunshine, wind, and talented people who can invent, build, and adapt devices with which to capture these energy sources and convert them to clean, emission-free electricity.

Some of us are grandparents, and the presence of our grandchildren emphasizes to us just how important it is to take steps now to move to large scale renewable energy.

Therefore, our message for Australians and Australian Governments  is:

We must move urgently from fossil fuels to a mix of renewable energy sources:

  • Solar PV on every Australian domestic rooftop
  • Solar PV on the roof of every school, shop and factory in the country
  • More wind turbines wherever the winds blow advantageously
  • Tidal power where available
  • Large scale solar power stations throughout the country

Boomers stall at Whitehorse Festival 2013

Publicising the November 2013 Climate Rally