Activities 2013 – 2014


  1. Postcard campaigns (ongoing)
  • Held during 2012, 2013 and 2014 and aimed at Federal politicians, lobbying for Australia to move away from fossil fuels and towards renewables.
  • We designed and printed our own postcards (examples below)
  • People in our local area were approached to sign the postcards from a stall, or by members simply standing on the footpath and approaching people.
  • Over the year of 2013 about 700 postcards were signed and sent.

sisters card


2.  Lobbying Local MPs

  • Five members of Baby Boomers for Climate Change Action visited Mike Symon (local Federal MP for Deakin, 2013) to discuss the progress towards a price on carbon and movement to renewables. Mike Symon is second from right.


3.  Lobbying Federal Ministers

  • One of our concerns was, and still is, the development of the Galilee Basin in Queensland for coal mining, and of existing and new coal port development on The Great Barrier Reef.
  • We wrote letters to politicians both as a group, and for public signing.
  • We designed a special postcard for people to sign (see below).
  • About 300 reef postcards and letters were posted. The members of the public we approached were shocked at the scale of development proposed, and very concerned about threats to the Reef.


4. Actions: first half of 2014 

  • Market Day at Blackburn (9 Feb 2014) – we distributed self designed pamphlets to locals about personal, immediate climate action that individuals can take to reduce emissions
  • Baby Boomers for Climate Change Action members write articles for newspapers about climate issues, and are often published.
  • Signed and sent letters (February 28) to all members of the Federal Lower House and Senate, attaching an article by Baby Boomer for Climate Change Action member The Hon David Harper (see Publications on this site) which appeared in The Age opinion section.
  • Climate Walk and Talk at Blackburn Lake Sanctuary (March 2) with Eastern Climate Action Melbourne (ECAM). The two groups cooperated to design and deliver the talk which was attended by around 50 people. More pamphlets about individual climate actions were distributed.
  • Climate Rally at Treasury Gardens with 30,000 other citizens concerned about government inaction on climate change.
  • March in March (Melbourne) under Climate Action banners with ECAM, and with around 30,000 other concerned people.


photo photo (2)

5. Actions: second half of 2014

  • Market at Blackburn (9 August 2014) – 120 postcards were signed and sent to Canberra, as well as 20 letters on behalf of Lighter Footprints (Canterbury)
  • Baby Boomers for Climate Change Action (BBCCA) members attend meetings of the Victorian Climate Action group. This group is planning to coordinate and bring together local climate groups for more effective actions as we move towards the November Victorian State election.
  • Joint actions were also held in the lead up to the November 2014 state election with Forest Hill Action Group (a coalition of Lighter Footprints, Environment Victoria, Eastern Climate Action Melbourne (ECAM) and Baby Boomers for Climate Change Action).

The first event was a Rooftop Solar Information Night held in the electorate of Forest Hill on Thursday June 5. This was a highly successful evening, attended by over 100 people, and was also attended by three sitting state and federal politicians or candidiates. The politicians saw the support and interest in their electorate for renewable solar energy, and took that message back to their respective party rooms.

The second event was a presentation by Hugh Venables of Beyond Zero Emissions and ECAM on Home Energy Efficiency. This event was also very well attended and saw people go home with real, useful information on how to retrofit their homes so as to maximise interior comfort and efficient energy use, and how to minimize their energy bills.

The third event was a Forum for Forest Hill candidates at the November State election. The Forum was organised mainly by ECAM and moderated by Rob Gell. About 140 people heard Liberal sitting member Neil Angus, Labor’s Pauline Richards and Greens candidate Brewis Atkinson lay out their party’s environmental credentials and take questions on climate change, renewable energy and brown coal exports. Pauline Richards and Brewis Atkinson both unequivocally supported the scientific consensus on climate change, while Neil Angus avoided answering direct questions about his personal beliefs, instead referring to his government’s policies. On all climate change related questions, Neil Angus referred to the government’s Climate Change Adaptation Plan. He avoided responding to a question on why the state government emphasises adaptation over mitigation.


The Whitehorse Spring Festival Baby Boomers for Climate Change Action Stall on October 19 saw 88 postcards signed and sent to Mr Abbott or Mr Hunt, and five letters signed and sent to Mr Michael Sukkar, state member for Deakin. Baby Boomer members Jennifer and Jill spoke on local radio about the activities of Baby Boomers for Climate Change Action and of Eastern Climate Action Melbourne.